Design Foils 5' Lengths

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Design Foils

These foils are a lot thinner than vinyl, they release onto any tacky surface & should be sealed for longer wear-ability. However, they wash very well even when not sealed. 

APPLY DECORATIVE SIDE UP - BURNISH (if needed) RELEASE CLEAR CARRIER at an angle to release onto your item. 

KEEP AWAY FROM ANYTHING STICKY, they will release very easily, there is no coming back from that once attached, it is there to stay, cut the attached piece off if need be....

These foils come in 4" wide to 12" long by 5' increments, if you want it uncut, buy more than 1 and we will automatically not cut it/
They release with an adhesive such as Siser EasyWeed Adhesive, Tack-it, or anything tacky-sticky but not a wet medium.  Once it is placed over the adhesive, you will need to burnish the foil with a piece of kraft paper or the edge of a credit card then moving at a sideways angle remove the clear sheet leaving the foil behind. If you miss a piece simply repeat the step and put the foil over again to attach.

Use on tumblers, apply Deco Foil Transfer Gel Duo or Tack-It and press on, for a rustic look, crumble foil in hand then apply it to a tumbler, remove the top layer (clear carrier) at an angle for best results.

These foils can be used for Polymer Clay, Stationary, Tumblers, T-Shirts* and so much more! Wash Clothing Inside Out & Line Dry to prevent fading or peeling, light iron inside out if absolutely necessary - *test a small area & wash first to test the durability

Some foils can be used over any laser (toner) printed page and release with heat such as a laminator (use a carrier sheet or piece of paper over it) or any hot iron. Always peel at a SLOW sidewise angle. I will try and post a list of those that work well.

Blue Tinsel, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, and Cobalt Blue are some that work well. I will continue adding as I have time.


Any questions, please ask me.

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