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    Marabu Easy Marble 15ml Colors!!

Want to make spectacular effects on any surface, wood, paper, glass, tumble7rs, blown eggs, styrofoam,  just about anything you can put in water you can marble!

It is as easy as getting yourself a bucket of water & adding a few drops of it dropping it into the water and get your swirl on! 

  • Solvent-base paint
  • Dry to the touch in 15-20 minutes
  • Comes in 21 other colors
  • Imported from Germany

Easy Marble Paint Colors from Marabu allow you to create unique marble immersion effects on a variety of flat and dimensional objects in just seconds.

How? Well, it is so simple... Just add a few drops of color into the water, dip the object you want marbled, and voila - you're finished! Multiple colors can be added at once to the water and a skewer can be used to swirl patterns in the colors.

For the Crystal Clear 101 - add it in with your favorite mica or chameleon, then follow the same instructions, this allows you to create custom colors no one else has!

Can't Choose? Then the 6 Bottle Starter Set is just right for you! 

Set colors include medium yellow, ruby red, azure blue, rich green, white and black & the instructions for the marble effect technique
  • Clean any slick surfaces with isopropyl alcohol
  • Use room temperature water
  • A wooden skewer can be used to cut multiple colors into a kick-ass design!

    One 15ml container of Marabu marble paint.

    **Note: This is an OIL Based Product and Epoxy will not seal over it so please seal any waterbased brush-on sealer such as Mod Podge Clear Gloss before adding epoxy! Minimum 2 coats of sealer are recommended.

    Solvent-based marbling color. • Use with water and doesn’t require the use of any other chemicals. • Works particularly well on three-dimensional objects. • Touch-dry after 15 min. • Clean only glass, metal or other slick surfaces with isopropyl alcohol. • When marbling, dip object very slowly into the water and remove quickly. • Use room temperature water. • The marbled substrate can be wiped off with a damp cloth but is not resistant to dish soap. • Clean spills with isopropyl alcohol when wet and xylene or similar solvents when dry. • Color spreads evenly on the surface of the water and can be swirled very well. • Be sure to add plenty of the first color of marble paint to the surface of the water to cover the entire surface of the water. • Can be used on fabric for decorative purpose only. • Test synthetic objects first. • Recommended for 9 years and older.

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