Chameleon Pigment Powders - No FO MO

Chameleon Pigment Powders - No FO MO

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Chameleon Micas are a Color Shift Mica that with a change of angles & lighting gives you a Most Awesome Look!

No FO MO - Blue, Green, Purple, Red.

*Please note, the newest LOT of No Fo Mo looks different to the naked eye but when applied to a BLACK surface it looks exactly the same.  I have tested it and am confident that it will achieve the same results

These Chameleon Powders are designed to be used over a BLACK background.  This is extremely important to achieve the ultimate effect!  This is a cosmetic grade mica.

  • Epoxy/Resin Technique – Prep your object with Black paint, let fully dry then add your Chameleon Powder to your epoxy and apply.
  • Soaps – Mix Chameleon Powder with a Black Mica Powder
  • Makeup & Eye Shadow – follow your instructions for turning into a pressed powder & apply over a Black base for a gorgeous effect

 Safe for All Applications

Ingredients: mica, iron oxide, silica

μm (particle size): 80-180 micro

This is a Cosmetic grade superfine Mica powder, known primarily for use in cosmetics, mica powders are a common natural and chemical coloring ingredient. It is a non-toxic mineral that gives off a shimmery and metallic & sometimes sparkly appearance. 

With the numerous amounts of colors available it is perfect for creating your own paints, nail polish, soaps, bath bombs, shimmers, body lotions, eye makeup, nail polishes and more! Perfect for Halloween makeup for the kids, for use in Arts and Crafts, PC,Candles, and more! The uses are never-ending!


Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor or screen has a different capability to display colors. We try to edit our photos to show the pigments as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your screen.



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