.008 Lavender Sparkling Glass (Matte Effect under Epoxy)

.008 Lavender Sparkling Glass (Matte Effect under Epoxy)

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Ultra FineåÊ1/128‰۝åÊHexagonåÊLaser CutåÊ.008‰۝åÊPremiumåÊPolyesteråÊGlitteråÊ

From the Sparkling Glass Series

Lavender Sparkling Glass

(Matte Effect under Epoxy)

Top of the LineåÊ- Solvent Resistant, Vibrant Glitter from the SparklingåÊGlassåÊLine. These glittersåÊare for use with Make-Up, Nails, Body Tattooing, Yeti & RTIC Cups, All Crafts and so much more!åÊ

Non Cosmetic Friendly

Glitter has outstanding coverage -åÊhelps eliminate the need for multiple coats

PleaseåÊnote:åÊThere have been some reports that the Sparkling Glass may lose some sparkle when epoxyåÊis added over it. To limit the effect, please add some Clear Iridescent (low IR effect) to the Sparkling Glass glitter until you get the desired effect. It is always best to test on a small sample before adding to a project

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Actual colors may vary. This isåÊdueåÊto the fact that every computer monitor or screen has a different capability to display colors. We try to edit our photos to show the glitter as life-like as possible, butåÊpleaseåÊunderstand theåÊactual color may vary slightlyåÊfrom your screen


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