.008  Ultra Fine Polyester Glitter- Wekiva - Limited Supply!

.008 Ultra Fine Polyester Glitter- Wekiva - Limited Supply!

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Ultra FineåÊ1/128‰۝åÊHexagonåÊLaser CutåÊ.008‰۝åÊPremiumåÊPolyesteråÊGlitteråÊ

Wekiva Springs

Top of the LineåÊ- Solvent Resistant, VibrantåÊIridescent Glitter for use with Make-Up, Nails, Body Tattooing, Yeti & RTIC Cups, All Crafts and so much more!åÊ

A Gorgeous Pale Blue iridescent with Gold undertones, this glitter went out in the April Subscription Boxes and the sales were just ok, so we look at each glitter from time to time because we have so many glitters and we have 3 deciding factors, on whether a color is worth investing in or do we just discontinuing it.... 1) is it still available from manufacturer?, 2) is it a custom mix and if so does it blend well?, and 3) are the sales there to warrant keeping it?åÊ åÊI bet you can see where this is going...So we discontinued it for about a week and all of a sudden one of our Ultra Talented Tumbler MakersåÊcalls me saying "Wekiva Springs, which by the way is a gorgeous area here in Central Florida that we would love to frequent had we the time, none the less, I say we discontinued it and I get a big WHAT!! NO!! and well the rest is me talking Kevin into making another mix of it which is a very difficult blend but the colors that go out of our store are literally a labor of love and that's the story behind Wekiva Springs!! It is a limited supply item due to theåÊ time it takes to blend the colors.

Glitter has outstanding coverage -åÊhelps eliminate the need for multiple coats

The colors are vivid and rich, the sparkle is plentiful and the selection is vast!


Actual colors may vary. This isåÊdueåÊto the fact that every computer monitor or screen has a different capability to display colors. We try to edit our photos to show the glitter as life-like as possible, butåÊpleaseåÊunderstand theåÊactual color may vary slightlyåÊfrom your screen.

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